Sep 11
What's New in DPOrganizer - November Edition

What’s New in DPOrganizer – September Edition

In August, we came out of summer with fresh product updates to enhance collaboration power and user experience within our app. 

This month, we’re keeping up the pace!

With a new visualisation tool and in-app notifications for account officers and admins, DPOrganizer users can leverage more power to meet their data protection needs than ever before.

Explore below to discover features that’ll continue to increase your control over your data protection efforts.

1. A brand new feature: Visualize

Accurate records and well-modeled data processing result in complete awareness of what personal data is processed, for what reason it’s processed, and for how long it’s retained. 

Our latest feature, Visualize, helps you intuitively understand each portion of the processing-related information outlined above.

Visualize presents you with a clear flowchart that aids you in tracing through all the processing information you have on a specific data subject category. 

Glide from each data subject category, to the types of data processed, legal basis, and retention time with useful visuals.

Visualize is a simple but powerful way to understand and explain how information on your data processing is interrelated and connected in your records. 

It’s also a perfect way to visually audit the existing information you’ve recorded on each of your data subject categories.

2. In-App Notifications

Collaboration is vital for maintaining the accuracy of your data mapping. 

But, it’s easy for scheduled reviews of your data processing to get lost in your email inbox, or to miss when a stakeholder has suggested a change in your records. 

Notifications for Account Officers and Admins within our review and DPIA tools fully support users to respond to the work of privacy and non-privacy staff alike. 

Clear prompts alert you to actions that need attention, so you can react faster and more efficiently.

Check out the new features by logging in here.

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