Privacy management for every stage

Map your RoPA more efficiently, collaborate across departments and drive results at scale with DPOrganizer. 

Start with the basics

Get your data inventory up quickly thanks to pre-built flows that asks you for all necessary data – so you don’t have to worry about missing any field.

Once you’ve done an initial mapping, the data will be interconnected with all other features.


Set a plan

Add your planned activities in Tasks, assign it to the right team member, and get a simple overview of your coming year in the Privacy Program Dashboard. Set email reminders to make sure things get done at the right time.

Go execute

Build and send assessments in minutes, share your awareness training with every employee, and stay up to date with partner agreements through automated third party risk reviews.

React quickly, with less effort

Automate the intake of data subject requests with our DSR and Portal feature, and connect requests smoothly to your existing mapping inside DPOrganizer.

The incidents and breach feature has a simple step-by-step flow, so you can stay cool when what’s not supposed to happens, happens.

Improve your privacy program

Use Tasks to see what happened on time, what needs to be moved and how you can adapt for next year. The Reporting & Visualization feature helps you to showcase your results and identify gaps.

Integrates with your systems and business

Pre-built integrations lets you connect to business-critical apps. Our API gives your developers access to all the Lego blocks, so you can build your own custom setup.

Professional services to complement your team

Get a tailor-made plan for how to get your privacy program off the ground with Takeoff, or expand your team’s capacity with fixed-hour, fixed-fee consulting.

Let's talk privacy

Want to chat about data mapping best practices, how to get your training program off the ground, or do you simply want an overview? Our solution experts will happily take your call to show how we can help.