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Sep 21

The insoluble (or not) dilemma: consent or contractual necessity as a legal basis?

Now that the “Schrems III” case is in the making, it is time to talk again about consent. What is the case this time? We are talking about the situation of “bundling” consent with acceptance of terms or conditions, or “tying” the provision of a contract or a service to... read more →
Sep 10
Sep 09
Sep 06
Sep 02
Aug 30

How to write a privacy notice people actually read

The principle of transparency requires that controllers are open and honest about what they do with data subjects’ personal data and that they communicate that in a simple way. The problem is that what is simple for me as a lawyer, is not necessarily simple for everyone. Although the GDPR... read more →
Aug 27
Jul 21

How to be compliant when emailing your clients or prospects

The GDPR makes salespeople and marketers nervous because it’s hard to understand what the legislation means for daily sales and email marketing activities, which is a fair concern.  First, it’s important to understand that GDPR is only a small part of what governs direct marketing to consumers. We also have... read more →
Jul 21

Disputed ”mass surveillance” legislation ePrivacy Derogation passes

In the last couple of weeks, a new piece of legislation -the ePrivacy Derogation – was passed by the EU Parliament. This has drawn a lot of attention and became a thorny topic among data protection professionals; welcomed by some, boohooed by others.  On 10 September 2020, the Commission published... read more →