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Apr 20
Apr 19
Mar 31

Privacy Setup: AWS & cloud infrastructure providers

Privacy professionals have to wrap their minds around all types of vendors and technologies for proper due diligence – which is no easy task. In the Privacy Setup series, we'll take a closer look at technologies and vendors that are commonly found in most organisations, and what you can do... read more →
Mar 17

Binding Corporate Rules after Schrems II: the “golden standard” challenged

After the Schrems II decision, Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs) are seen by many as the salvation to international data transfers. The decision touched upon the other transfer mechanisms, invalidating the Privacy Shield and adding the implementation of “adequate safeguards” as a prerequisite for using Standard Contractual Clauses. In light of... read more →
Mar 02

5 of the most significant data protection developments in 2021

Dealing with the Schrems II fallout and higher-than-ever fines meant that 2021 brought a lot of change to the data protection landscape. Here are our top picks for the most significant changes from last year. 1. Highest GDPR fines yet It has been a record year in terms of fines... read more →
Feb 28
Feb 23

GDPR Fines – Trends in Enforcement – Q4 2021

Following our original post, GDPR Fines - Trends In Enforcement, we're checking what happened next. The total In the last quarter of 2021, data protection authorities have steadily continued dishing out fines. These fines across the EEA amounted to 17.2 million euros (93 fines in total). Most common fines by... read more →
Feb 16

Belgian DPA rejects the Transparency and Consent Framework

It appears that the national data protection authorities have awoken from their peaceful slumber in the past months. This time, the Belgian authority has claimed its first prominent victim in a while. It issued a decision against the IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF), a consent framework relied on... read more →
Feb 11

Releasing Notification Center, your go-to place for getting stuff done

Keeping track of everything you’re doing in your privacy program isn’t always easy. After you’ve sent out assessments, training courses, and set up tasks for yourself, the last thing you want to do is navigate between a bunch of different tools to keep up with what's happening. That's why we’ve... read more →