It’s time to simplify your data mapping

The easiest way to move from spreadsheets to a software, tailored for your privacy team.

“DPOrganizer is the easiest IT-tool I’ve ever worked with.”
– DPO at AcadeMedia

Data mapping wizard in three screens

All your processing in one place

Get a better overview and stay in control with all your processing details in one flexible, digital structure.

Stuck in Excel sheets? Starting from scratch or re-building your model? No worries, we help you with a seamless transition.

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A better way of working together

We offer a best practice flow of guiding you through your data processing activities. Review processing activities with ready-made tools to improve collaboration.

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Powerful tools for collaboration, visualisation and reporting

Get key visuals, lighting-fast reporting and centralised dashboards to highlight areas of risk or gaps in your program. With greater peace of mind, you’ll know your next action.

Communicate easily and engage with and your management team, board and other stakeholders.

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