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We simplify your GDPR compliance

The DPOrganizer privacy management software will help you map, visualize, report and manage your processing of personal data.

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Customers in 18 countries

“DPOrganizer is the easiest IT-tool I’ve ever worked with. It’s exciting to work with a vendor who so clearly wants us to succeed.”

– Karin Jensen, Data Protection Officer at AcadeMedia

How can DPOrganizer help your business?

Easy Onboarding

The DPOrganizer software is powerful, yet light and easy to use. Most of our customers get started in a matter of hours. We’re a mix of legal experts and software developers, and we build with our customers’ needs top of mind. Our Success team is always readily available, as are trainings, support and webinars.

Save time and money

Our software increases efficiency and communication. Our customers create reports in minutes at the push of a button, improving customer relationships and building trust. DP Manager and processing flows allows for efficient internal work.

Transparency First

Transparency is becoming a ‘must-have’ and a competitive advantage for businesses everywhere. With our Transparency Widget, it’s simple to pro-actively show your customers, employees and other stakeholders how you process their data.

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“DPOrganizer has been a door-opener for us and has brought new energy to our sales team.”

– Jimmie Högh Pedersen, Amesto Solutions

“The reports are outstanding. I highly recommend DPOrganizer.”

– George, Director of Business Intelligence

Trusted by businesses in 18 countries

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