Rulefinder Data Privacy by aosphere

Discover the DPOrganizer <> aosphere integration. Built for multijurisdictional privacy programs.

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DPOrganizer is proud to collaborate with aosphere to provide our users access to practical, high quality legal analysis from aosphere’s Rulefinder Data Privacy content solution.

Rulefinder Data Privacy considers a range of key privacy topics in over 100 jurisdictions, and include additional features such as trackers of forthcoming regulatory developments and enforcement activity.

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Global Data Privacy Laws

Analysis of international privacy laws, curated by experts.

  • Rulefinder Data Privacy considers an organisation’s data privacy obligations globally including
    GDPR, PIPL, and CCPA.
  • compare obligations including privacy employment scenarios, data transfers, direct marketing,
    cookies, breach response, sanctions, consent, and territorial scope
  • keep ahead of developments with daily horizon scanning alerts. Access consolidated global
    views on sanctions, breach response, privacy laws in development and Schrems II
  • in-depth analysis of direct marketing and data privacy in the workplace employment scenarios

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Requirements tracker

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Managed Privacy Program

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