Nov 28
What's New in DPOrganizer - November Edition

What’s New in DPOrganizer – November Edition

An increasing number of our customers have privacy needs that span continents, and therefore several privacy regulations.

To support our customers with flexible and adaptable privacy support for regulations, we have now launched tags.

Introducing tags

With tags, you can ensure compliance with various data protection laws requiring different categorisations and levels of detail. You’ll be able to do this without having to work with multiple data sets.

Tags can also be used for internal purposes. For instance, you can distinguish between departments or business processes.

Categorize personal data and data processors

Tags allows you to label or categorize personal data and data processors. You can use the same tag for both personal data types and data processors, or you can have separate tags for the two. You can also use multiple tags for the same personal data types and data processors.

Create summaries and reports

One strong functionality is the possibility to see tags in summaries, as well as be able to draw out reports on tags.

If you want to learn more about tags and how they can support your global privacy program, get in touch here.

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