Data retention requirements by filerskeepers

Discover the DPOrganizer <> filerskeepers integration. Built for multijurisdictional privacy programs.

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filerskeepers is a legal-tech company that reads all the laws in the world to identify data retention obligations and assists companies in implementing those obligations to their data.

DPOrganizer and filerskeepers have joined forces to offer a comprehensive privacy management solution encompassing all data retention requirements tailored for organizations operating across multiple jurisdictions. This collaboration integrates filerskeepers’ global data retention content into DPOrganizer’s platform, offering users a seamless and comprehensive approach to managing their data retention requirements and mapping them effortlessly in a single, multi-purpose platform.

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Privacy is knowing how long to keep data!

Data storage is essential but keeping it for an extended period can lead to non-compliance with privacy laws. By integrating the filerskeepers’ database within DPOrganizer’s privacy management platform, users can now access over 270,000 data retention obligations covering 270+ jurisdictions in a single platform and remain compliant.

This enables organizations to:

  • Manage data retention requirements across multiple jurisdictions.
  • Locate the necessary data required through the filerskeepers solution and store it in a single all-in-one platform by DPOrganizer.
  • Implement retention obligation requirements to their data, identify gaps, and monitor high-risk areas using the DPOrganizer data mapping tool.
  • Ensure adherence to legal data retention obligations in the countries relevant to them.

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