DPOrganizer Academy

We offer help to train your staff and drive the data protection awareness you need.

Training programs include remote or in person workshops, course material and online tests to document participation and learnings.

On request, we can also create custom courses for your specific needs.

GDPR Introduction

2x 90-min Workshops: Engaging, interactive sessions that cover the essentials of GDPR, from the basic principles to legal requirements.

Course Material: In-depth guides, checklists, and resources to provide a holistic understanding of GDPR compliance.

Online Test: Assess your knowledge after course completion to validate your knowledge in GDPR.

Topic Specific

90-min Workshop: A concentrated, topic-specific workshop designed to provide in-depth understanding and actionable insights.

Course Material: Receive focused guides, checklists, and resources that pertain to your chosen topic.

Online Test: Assess your knowledge after course completion to validate your knowledge.

Topics to choose from

Data Subject Rights: Learn the rights individuals have over their data and how to handle such requests.

Data Breaches: Understand the procedures for reporting and managing data breaches effectively.

Data Protection Impact Assessments: Gain insights into conducting and interpreting DPIAs to mitigate risks.

Vendor Management and Third Country Transfers: Discover the compliance requirements when dealing with vendors and transferring data across borders.

GDPR and Sales & Marketing: Learn how GDPR impacts your sales and marketing efforts and how to remain compliant.

GDPR and HR: Master the principles of handling employee data in compliance with GDPR.

GDPR and Product Development: Understand how to incorporate data protection into your product lifecycle.


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Extend the capabilities of your team with our add-on consultancy services. Whether you need someone for a specific project or to jump in ad-hoc, our data protection experts are at your disposal.


To ensure that your investments and efforts don’t end up a paper exercise, but instead in a sustainable and business value adding privacy program, we offer continuous and proactive support from our experienced data protection team.

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Managed Privacy Program

Do you have an ambition to take your privacy program to the next level (or start it!), but lack bandwidth or knowledge internally to get it done? Outsource your privacy program to us, and we will not only help you understand what needs to happen next, we will drive the change.

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