Extend the capabilities of your team with our add-on consultancy services. Whether you need someone for a specific project, to jump in ad-hoc, or be available as a safety net, our data protection experts are at your disposal.

Have an important project coming up but feeling light on staff?

Have an important project coming up but feeling light on staff?

We can jump into your team on a project basis to extend your capabilities.

Project examples

Data protection audit

We’ll help you identify risks and gaps in your compliance program and guide you in the right direction.

Data mapping

We’ll map your data to ensure you’re fulfilling your legal obligations, and set a solid foundation for your privacy program.


Whether you have your documentation in Excel or you are using another privacy management tool, we can help move all your hard work into DPOrganizer

Need help with something, preferably yesterday?

Our consultancy team is available to help you scope, plan and execute on many types of tasks.

Long-term operational support

Extend the capabilities of your privacy team through DPOrganizer, let us provide the long term operational support you need to manage your risks and achieve your objectives.

We’ll form part of your team, working as one for the progress of your privacy program and the benefit of your business.