Jan 13
DSR manager

Launching Portals, a customer-facing DSR manager

Customers can now manage the data subject request intake and handling process within DPOrganizer.

DPOrganizer has featured a backend DSR manager for a while, making it easy for privacy pros to add requests and find the right data quickly. This was a great start, but didn’t fully solve one of the biggest painpoints for our users: receiving submissions in a structured way. With Portals, we’re enabling all DPOrganizer customers to automate the DSR process when it comes to intakes and recording.

Portals adds a form builder to our Data Subject Requests feature, with certain pre-built categories and attributes. That way, you can be sure you’re getting all the information you need to identify data subjects and act on their requests. The form can be customized with additional questions and incorporate your company’s branding so it feels consistent with the rest of the site experience. 

Once you have received a request, you’ll find it in the main Data Subject Requests manager overview, with all key data already added. To make the process fit your workflow better, we also give you the option to be notified via email when a new request has been received, or have a task created inside DPOrganizer automatically with suggested actions. 

Portals is available now for eligible DPOrganizer plans. All customers on plans Professional and Enterprise get access to the feature with a usage limit for no additional cost, with unlimited usage available as an add-on. Essentials users can try the feature for free by going to the “Data Subject Requests” menu item in the app.

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