Jul 24
E-learning is launching in DPOrganizer

E-learning is launching in DPOrganizer

We’re bringing one of the most highly requested features to the DPOrganizer app to help privacy pro’s train staff and spread awareness.

Educating each department in a way that gets the message across can be difficult. Not only do you need a tech solution to deliver the material, but you also need content that’s relevant for different audiences.

With E-learning, we’re aiming to solve both of these challenges. 

The foundation is a flexible course builder that accommodates many different formats – including videos, images and text. Coupled with a quiz builder to help you check that attendees got the message, you’ll have all the tech you need to deliver a great learning experience.

An ever-expanding course library

Many of our users will likely focus on building courses to fit their own needs, covering internal processes and policies. But there’s also a lot of general knowledge about privacy that needs to be spread within organisations – which is where our content library comes in. Featuring our in-house privacy experts, E-learning will feature six video courses within the first few weeks of launch:

– A 4-part general introduction to GDPR

– Vendor Management

– Dealing with Data Subject Requests

– Performing a DPIA

– Privacy and data protection for marketers

– Privacy and data protection for HR

Each video will last between 7-12 minutes, and we’ve worked hard to make each part as digestible and actionable as possible. And just like we support Assessments with new templates, we’ll be continuously adding more courses to E-learning.

Get Light and or go Pro

E-learning is coming in two versions; Light and Pro. Light lets you build two courses on your own and gives you access to our general GDPR introduction course, and is included in all subscriptions. Pro is an add-on that gives you the ability to build as many courses as you’d like, and gets you access to all DPOrganizer-produced videos – including everything we’ll create going forward. 

E-learning is available in the app today for all current DPOrganizer subscribers. If you’re not a user yet but want to learn more about the feature, fill in this form and we’ll get right back to you.

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