Dec 07
Schrems II assessments and more inspiration

Schrems II assessments and more inspiration added to DPOrganizer

New content has been added to two of our features, Assessments and E-learning, to guide users through legal and organisational complexity. 

When we launched the E-learning and Assessments features earlier this year, we hoped to help users in two ways: give them a more efficient way to accomplish tasks they were already doing, and lead the way with a library of pre-built resources. By continuously expanding on this library with new assessment templates and courses, customers can alleviate some of the extensive research and content creation they’d otherwise need to take on.

A great example is our most recent addition, two third country assessments to help customers deal with Schrems II following the updated European Data Protection Board’s guidelines. Here’s a clip from our discussion about it last week


What’s new

Throughout the fall, we’ve added the following:


  • Schrems II: Third country transfers
  • Schrems II: Third country law/practice
  • GDPR gap identification
  • Privacy program gap identification
  • Information asset risk assessment
  • ISO 27001 readiness 

E-learning video courses:

  • Information security (3 part series)
  • Data breaches (releasing in December)
  • B2B marketing (releasing in December)

Future plans

We’ll continue to release assessments and e-learning courses as often as we can, with the intention of bringing something new to the app every month.

Some library templates, such as the Schrems II assessments, are available for all users, while some are made specifically for users of E-learning Pro and Assessments Pro. 

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