Feb 20

Launching Assessments, our custom form builder

A few weeks ago, we opened up our new feature, Assessments, for beta users. Today we’re launching it for all customers, with no additional charge.

Assessments fill an important need for many privacy professionals; enabling them to create custom forms about anything and sending it to anyone. That could be something fairly standard, like a DPIA pre-assessment, but it can also be something completely different. Every organisation is different, and we know that you might want to ask different questions depending on the circumstances.

Assessments allow you to ask those questions. You can even associate answers to those questions with specific levels of risk, giving you a preliminary risk assessment as soon as the form has been filled in. 

As inspiration and to help you get started, our data protection experts are providing two pre-built assessments – one DPIA pre-assessments and a general risk assessment for new projects. 

Assessments are included in every plan we offer, letting you save one custom-built assessment as well as giving you access to two pre-built templates. A premium version is also available, granting you unlimited storage of custom assessments, as well as a constantly evolving library of assessment templates provided by our team of data protection experts.

To get started, simply head to the “Assessments” tab under the “Manage” category when you have logged in to the app.


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