Feb 18

5 Takeaways from PrivSec London

PrivSec London came and went the other week, gathering 2000 privacy professionals to discuss all things data protection and information security.  We joined the masses and had some great chats, giving us a good idea of what’s on these minds as they progress through 2020. Here are five takeaways from two days of inspiring speakers and insightful conversations.

1) Privacy teams are plenty busy

Privacy teams are still small, under-resourced, and under-staffed. Task lists might seem unending, and budgets to get them done are minimal. If this sounds like you, take heart, this is where many are right now (and we think you all are still succeeding admirably).

2) Collaboration is still a major challenge

Beyond financial investments, buy-in from internal stakeholders remains a major roadblock. DPOs might be seen as boxes to tick, or even as value blockers in the eyes of those that don’t grasp the importance of their role. In this context, the tools available to make collaboration easier are even harder to come by.

3) DPO’s are mature in their roles

DPO’s have had plenty of time to learn their roles since the enforcement of GDPR two years ago, regardless of their previous experience and current budget.. Especially when it comes to software, privacy professionals have quickly scoped existing solutions, and have decided what they need, and what they don’t. 


which brings us to our next point…

4) It’s all about simplicity and ease of use

Complex, one-size-fits-all privacy software is falling out of favour with smaller teams who need manageable solutions. Privacy pros don’t want to take yet another certification just to learn complex software… they want  a platform that helps them get the work done.

5) Privacy is going mainstream

Data protection isn’t a niche topic anymore. It’s quite literally grabbing the attention of board’s who are now facing fines with increasing frequency. It’s becoming a part of companies’ day-to-day processes, it’s what drives Gen Z to embrace some brands over others, and most importantly, it’s become an indisputable cornerstone of company ethics.

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