Oct 17
Incident Manager

DPOrganizer launches The Incident Manager to help reporting breaches in accordance with GDPR

DPOrganizer, the Swedish data privacy company, has launched a new tool, within its Privacy Management Software, to guide organisations through the recording of a personal data related incident, to correctly assess impact and risk, and to report as necessary. The Incident Manager enables businesses to act in accordance with GDPR, reducing the risk of financial and reputational loss.

The Incident Manager has been designed to enable businesses meet GDPR requirements effectively and manage documentation, assessment and reporting within applicable time frames in case of a breach.

Key features:

  • Collects critical information in a structured and efficient way.
  • Prompts users for information that will help asses risk and impact to determine whether a breach should be reported, and to whom.
  • Helps users deal with any incident quickly and error-free, reducing the risks of financial or reputational loss for the business.

A demo video can be found here.

Egil Bergenlind, founder and CEO of DPOrganizer, comments: “Whether the result of intentional hacker attacks or innocent mistakes, the cost of an incident for a business can be significant. The associated financial costs can be large, but so too is the impact to their reputation. A study from KPMG found that 33% of consumers would take an extended break from shopping at a firm after a breach, hence the importance of managing an incident correctly.”

Companies who fail to adequately record incidents or report a breach can be issued a penalty of up to 2% of global turnover or EUR 10 million, whichever is greater. The Incident Manager helps anyone in the organisation record an incident, so that it can be analysed and responded to promptly and appropriately.

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