May 23

DPOrganizer and filerskeepers launch partnership for global data retention requirements

Stockholm, Sweden, May 23 2023 – Privacy Management company DPOrganizer ( has entered into a partnership with filerskeepers ( to improve support for privacy professionals managing multijurisdictional privacy programs.

The partnership marks another important step in DPOrganizer’s strategy to strengthen its position as the European leader for privacy management solutions, by working with other best-of-breed solutions that together strengthen businesses’ privacy programs.

The arrangement integrates filerskeepers’ content within DPOrganizer’s privacy platform, providing users with access to the world’s largest curated database of global data retention requirements.

“We support a growing number of multinational organizations in building better privacy programs, and we know keeping track of and managing data retention requirements in a multinational environment is a challenging matter. We’re therefore very excited to see this integration now being released.” – Alicia Hatt, CEO at DPOrganizer.

‘’We are super excited to collaborate with DPOrganizer, a leading privacy management solutions provider. filerskeepers analyzes data retention obligations by studying all the laws in the world. Through this strategic partnership, we are revolutionizing the way businesses handle data privacy and compliance with legal data retention obligations in the countries they operate in.’’ – Wanne Pemmelaar, CEO & Co-founder, filerskeepers

The new integration is available for current and new DPOrganizer customers from this week. Speak to your usual DPOrganizer contact to find out more.

About DPOrganizer

DPOrganizer is a market leading Swedish provider of privacy management software and professional services. We support privacy professionals in 20+ countries to build more effective and sustainable privacy programs. Data mapping, assessment automation, data protection training, DSR and incident management are examples of challenges we support our customers with, through our intuitive and easy to use software and our team of experienced privacy professionals.

About filerskeepers

filerskeepers is a legal-tech company that reads all the laws in the world to identify data retention obligations and assists companies and multinationals alike in implementing those obligations to their data. Our data retention schedules are prepared based on our global legal research and later integrated into our comprehensive data retention dashboard and APIs. This enables us to help companies justify why they are storing data (for compliance with income tax rules) and for how long (for 10 years from the date following the end of the book year). What makes filerskeepers truly a legal tech company is its ability to help companies build their global data retention schedules in minutes, and automatically map retention obligations to their data.

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