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Life at DPOrganizer: Simon Neal

Life at DPOrganizer: Simon Neal

Simon is DPOrganizer’s leading man in the UK, and has been at the company since 2017. Before that, he’s held leading commercial roles for the better part of 20 years. We caught up with him to get an idea of what a day in his shoes is like.

Hi Simon! You’ve had lots of different sales-oriented roles throughout the years. How does it differ working with DPOrganizer compared to your previous experiences?

DPOrganizer is Swedish! I have worked for a range of companies, large and small from all over the world and I can honestly say, when the Swedish say customer service, wow, they really, really mean it! 

Being part of such a broad, talented team of driven people is amazing. Every day is fresh and dynamic with new ideas constantly being brought to the table, not only internally, but externally via a network of close industry professionals and of course from our super cool customers. 

I guess the final point I would like to make is (& I’m not sure how to word this haha), but the customers, prospects and partners I have been lucky enough to engage with in the privacy community, are just super nice, open, approachable people, most of whom I’m now fortunate enough to genuinely count as friends.

You’ve been working in privacy for over 4 years, pre-dating the enforcement of GDPR. How has the industry changed from your point of view?

I have been working in the wider compliance, security and privacy arena for over 20 years (wow that makes me sound old!). On the whole it’s changed dramatically, and definitely for the better. No longer is it a back office, dark arts position. I’m pleased to say it’s now become a bright frontline issue with exec level visibility. There is still a long way to go, but with the help of some wonderfully fun and super talented people, privacy continues to gain momentum, and quickly!

Best memory from working at DPOrganizer?

I think a special contribution to one of our hack days from our founder pretty much sums up my best memories of DPOrganizer and the team I work with; sometimes challenging, sometimes crazy, sometimes surprising, but always willing to stand out and make a difference! 


What’s your favourite thing to do outside of work? 

Haha, I have 3 kids, that pretty much sums up everything I do outside of work!

Quick facts

Favourite movie? Rocky, legendary!
Favourite food? Chinese takeaway – crispy duck please
Favourite book? Reading is a real passion of mine, I am currently reading the history of Napoleon’s rise to power!
Coffee or tea? Originally being from London, it can only be a good old cup of Rosy Lee


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