May 24

Meet the team: Elizabeth Smith

Compared to many of my professional connections I am relatively new to the data protection space. What I lack in history I make up for in passion, enthusiasm and zest for protecting data. For me it’s very simple, data protection is all about people, keeping them safe, protecting them from online or physical harm, preventing discrimination and ensuring their rights and freedoms are upheld. After all its what we all want for ourselves so why wouldn’t we want to treat others in the same way?

Having had first-hand experience of managing a privacy programme, I understand some of the challenges our customers face. I have tried to conduct a compliant privacy programme on spreadsheets and forms, and it was an onerous task. It was difficult to prove accountability and to ensure my organisation was keeping up to date with its obligations under the GDPR (UK and EU) and the Data Protection Act 2018. It became clear that a solid management tool was needed and having had many conversations with DPOrganizer over more than 3 years, DPOrganizer was the natural choice. An easy-to-use privacy toolkit built by privacy professionals for privacy professionals, with no hidden cost, – what more could you ask for?!

Working with DPOrganizer means I get to immerse myself in the subject from morning to night, fuelling my personal desire to learn whilst surrounded by an amazing team of professionals. Watercooler conversations about what is wrong or right with GDPR, discussions of the latest fine, judgement or ruling are commonplace. These spontaneous yet frequent conversations are testament to the commitment of the team to stay abreast of what is happening globally and keep current with their knowledge. With the changing cyber landscape it’s important that we don’t lose sight of digital safety and therefore its key that we keep learning, keep moving forward and looking to the future without letting go of what is on our desks today. I’m delighted that I am surrounded by a team that cares as much as I do.

Before data protection, my background included regulatory compliance, training and relationship management. This means that I can use my skills to work with our customers, with true insight into how I can help support them on their journey to success. Having considered other platforms but finally choosing DPOrganizer as my preferred supplier, is not only a testament to the tool but also reassurance that our customers have made the right choice in deciding to work with DPOrganizer too.

Anyone who knows me will confirm that I love a conference, I’m really looking forward to meeting up with existing friends and connections at events in the future, sharing our knowledge and having the conversations only data protection people understand! Equally I am really keen to make new connections and welcome people into the network as I have been welcomed by others. So, let’s connect, LinkedIn or in person to make sure we all work together to make the digital world a safe place for people, that’s people just like you and me.

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