May 23

Don’t mansplain Data Protection and GDPR to me.

As the CEO of a data protection company called DPOrganizer, I’m tired of being subjected to mansplaining when the topics of data privacy, data protection, or GDPR come up.

It’s frustrating to feel like my gender is being used as an excuse to assume I don’t have the knowledge or expertise to understand these complex subjects. But let me tell you, just because GDPR is complex does not mean that women are not capable of understanding it.

Mansplaining is a real phenomenon that many women in the professional world have experienced. It’s when a man condescendingly explains something to a woman in a way that assumes she does not have the necessary knowledge or expertise.

And unfortunately, many women have been subjected to mansplaining when it comes to GDPR. This kind of behavior is not only insulting but also counterproductive. It undermines a woman’s confidence and competence, and it can even lead to mistakes or misunderstandings in implementing GDPR.

If you’re a woman who has experienced mansplaining when it comes to GDPR, it’s essential to speak up. You have every right to demand that your expertise and knowledge be respected. Interrupt and correct the person who’s doing the mansplaining.

Don’t be afraid to assert your expertise, and remind the man that you have experience in this area and that you are capable of understanding complex regulations. If you’re genuinely unsure about something related to GDPR, don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Now let’s talk about why data protection and GDPR are great for business. According to a Demand Gen Report, 81% of buyers are more likely to purchase from a company they trust. And trust is the single most important factor in successful B2B relationships, according to 81% of decision-makers (LinkedIn).

A security breach would make 49% of Americans, 44% of people in the UK, and 40% in Canada lose trust in a company (Survey Monkey Research). Having a transparent and properly implemented data privacy protection platform is smart because it makes your business compliant and therefore mitigates the risk of hefty fines. It also increases your trustworthiness and, therefore, your bottom line.

But let me warn you, Excel and Google Sheets are not enough to track and map your data. DSR or Data Subject Request is a growing number of laws that grant individuals the legal right to access, modify, or delete the personal data that a company holds on them.

Companies must follow specific guidelines in fulfilling data subject requests or risk fines and other penalties. With DPOrganizer’s tools, you can have that done in minutes. Again, a good data protection management software is vital for your business.

So, in summary, don’t let anyone mansplain data protection and GDPR to you, especially if you’re a woman. You are more than capable of understanding these topics, and it’s important to speak up and assert your expertise when you encounter mansplaining in the workplace.

Furthermore, don’t fall for the misconception that data protection is a cost center for businesses. A properly implemented data privacy protection platform not only makes your business compliant and mitigates the risk of fines, but it also increases your trustworthiness and bottom line.

Trust is the single most important factor in successful B2B relationships, and a security breach can easily break that trust, leading to lost revenue.

So don’t hesitate to invest in a good data protection management software that can not only make your business compliant but also improve your bottom line. And remember, you are more than capable of understanding data protection and GDPR, regardless of your gender.

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