Sep 14

DPOrganizer Enterprise release

We are happy to announce the release of DPOrganizer Enterprise! From 14th September, DPOrganizer Enterprise enables company groups to gather the personal data processing of several data controllers in one single DPOrganizer account.

Due to great demand from company groups, of varying size and complexity, with the need of a tool to support their mapping and documentation of data processing in the entire group, we created DPOrganizer Enterprise.

The Enterprise release includes the following:

  • Add several data controllers to a single DPOrganizer account, and add details such as relevant data protection officers and supervisory authorities.
  • Map the data processing of individual data controllers and cover details such as which data controller is responsible for various types of data processing and data processors’ activities, and at the same time get a comprehensive group level overview.
  • Visualize the processing (DP Map) and create reports (DP Report) on a group level or per data data controller.
  • This release also makes it possible to create even more granual reports in DP Report, focusing on e.g. a specific data processor, a certain type of personal data or a single database.

To learn more or to get a personal demonstration, please contact us.

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