Transparency Widget

Embed a simple widget directly on your website.
Allow your customers to view what personal data
you hold and process – at the click of a button.


Increase transparency and trust

Transparency is one of the main pillars of the GDPR, representing a shift in power from businesses to individuals. Successful businesses will prepare for individuals to use their rights. Because they will.

Transparency Widget allows your customers to see what personal data your business holds about them and how it is used – a proactive way to promote trust and respect.

Save time and decrease costs

Transparency Widget allows for general privacy questions to be answered directly without having to be in actual contact with the individual. Questions can easily be dealt with before they become concerns.

Save time and decrease costs in the long-term by offering a no-touch solution to requests from individuals and other external, and internal, parties.

Implement easily on site

Embedding the widget on your website takes a few minutes and connects your DPOrganizer account to your website audience. The widget is customizable; you control the content and its appearance.

See the Transparency Widget in action below.

This is DPOrganizer’s Transparency Widget – try it out!