Introducing the sidekick
every privacy hero
deserves: Robin

Empower your privacy program with seamless data mapping and strategic insights, guided by Robin.

Sarah’s Journey to Efficient Privacy Program Management

Sarah represents every privacy professional venturing into the strategic realm of privacy program management.

Just like Sarah, you might be wondering about the most efficient path to understanding and organizing the personal data used in your business.

Robin comes into the picture as a solution, promising not only efficiency but a strategy built on accuracy and awareness.

Introducing Robin – Your AI Assistant

Meet Robin, the AI assistant that is ready to revolutionize the way privacy programs are managed. Robin is equipped to assist you with data mapping, offering an understanding tailored to different positions and experience levels in your organization.

With Robin, you are not just adopting an AI assistant; you are adopting a strategy built on smart, efficient, and cost-effective solutions.

The Robin Approach

Robin adopts an approach where awareness meets efficiency. The strategy involves interviewing your colleagues, adding context where necessary, and summarizing essential details for you.

Imagine 10x the output, fostering awareness in your organization, and saving you considerable time — a critical pillar for long-term success.

Benefits of Partnering with Robin

Imagine implementing a system that promises both reach and output, one that spares you the effort of the heavy lifting while keeping you in control.

Robin stands as a testament to a future where privacy program management is scalable, quick, and most importantly, built on the foundations of trust and efficiency.

How are we doing it, and is it safe?

We believe in the development and use of innovative technology. We also believe that privacy professionals need access to the most advanced technology available in order to succeed. Since data processing is changing faster than ever, which also means data protection risks and challenges increase at the same pace, the time to change privacy program management is here. Learn more.

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