Data Mapping

Data Mapping forms the basis of DPOrganizer.
Get in control of the personal data you process.
Ensure compliance and organize your data for future success.

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Data Mapping is the first step

Data Mapping is the first step. Why is data mapping important? It provides the foundation of your ongoing GDPR work. To get in control, you first need to know what data you process and how.

Your data mapping process should give you a bird’s-eye view on what data you hold, what it’s for, how it’s used, by whom, where it resides – and where it’s going. Great data mapping means better data management.

A detailed and updated record of processing activities is the foundation for growing under GDPR – increasing transparency, collaboration and communications. It is also necessary of course to fulfil your record keeping obligations under Article 30.

Data mapping wizard in three screens

Begin confidently with intuitive wizards

Create a detailed mapping and overview of your processing of personal data, with a combination of data import functionality and intuitive wizards.

The tasks follow the requirements of GDPR – clearly defining each category of data subjects and data types, purposes and legal basis of processing, data processors and their instructions, data controllers and their responsibilities, storage, accessibility and retention time of personal data.

We make mapping easy, regardless if you’re a data controller or a data processor.

You choose the starting point

Depending on your organization’s preferences, data mapping can be started using the GDPR logic. This means starting with the data subject in mind. Determine what data is collected, from where and why.

Others opt for using processing flows, and define and set the various business processes that involve personal data from start to finish.

Both methods of mapping lead the way towards compliance and more effective internal processes.

Have you already modelled your records of processing elsewhere? No worries. We help you transition into the tool seamlessly.