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DPOrganizer’s privacy management software supports your business in mapping, visualizing, reporting and managing processing of personal data.

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Build your inventory, at scale

 Data Mapping – Build and model your data processing. Map from subject category and processing activity to legal basis, assets, and more – all via an intelligent, guided flow.

 Seamless Import – Effortlessly import already modelled data, or get support with Transition Services. We make transitioning to DPOrganizer easy and fast.

 Information Asset Control – Manage your assets with ease. Systems, data storage points, data access points, processes, data flows and more.

 Flexible Record Building – Choose your starting point; your data subject categories or business processes.


Leverage collaboration and engage your organisation


 Review Manager – Automate internal and external stakeholder management, and smoothly update and monitor the parts of your privacy program that require attention. Set processes, reviews, and reminders to maintain accurate data mapping, and ensure that records stay up-to-date.

 Scheduled Reviews – Delegate reviews internally to the right stakeholders. Ensure you’re in control of your privacy program long-term, while easily involving your colleagues.

 Unlimited users – Your DPOrganizer account features unlimited users – involve as many in your organisation as needed. Provide granular, role-based access to ensure accountability and relevant focus.

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Track progress and manage risk

Data Subject Request Management – Document, manage and organize your data subject requests. Keep track of requests, involve colleagues, and feel safe having all information in one place.

Risk Dashboard – Visualise your privacy program progress, spot and eradicate gaps, and properly manage privacy risks. Zero in on high risk processing, next steps, and more.

DPIA – The DPIA functionality offers in-depth risk assessment, and a powerful way to assess risk, track and review changes, and enable simple collaboration.

 Incident Manager – Diagnose data breaches in realtime. Get equipped with a flow to record, assess, and respond to any data breach.


Drive transparency, report with confidence

Map – A world map to visualize and share an accessible overview of all your data processing. Zero in, zoom out, and configure relevant displays for the right stakeholder.

Report – Rapid, granular reporting meets easy gap analysis. Choose exactly the information you want to display for immediate export into PDF or Excel.

 Transparency Widget – Proactive and trustworthy relationship management with customers and employees. Minimize DSAR’s by creatively displaying your personal data processing upfront.

Structure – Explore the relationships between storage, access, and data processes visually to spot inconsistencies and gain focused oversight.

Fully Safeguarded and Certified

Data security – Data security is our top priority. Our data is stored securely, encrypted during transit, protected with two-factor authentication and kept in data centers in the EU.

Secure data centers – All data centers are tested and certified under ISO 27001 and ISO 14001.

Featured Crown Commercial Supplier – We are a trusted vendor to public sector and governmental agencies (available on the Gov 10 Digital Marketplace in the UK.)

Single Sign On (SSO) – DPOrganizer offers support for Single Sign On (SSO). DPOrganizer’s enables access control using your existing corporate user credentials. Microsoft Azure AD, SAML, Okta and Google Apps are some examples of supported identity providers.

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