Your one-stop-shop for privacy management

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and cluttered interfaces. Get rich functionality and best-in-class user experience – making it easy to collaborate with any stakeholder in your organization.

Simplify privacy program management and put ongoing planning on autopilot by using Tasks. You can centralise planned activities and schedule execution with timely reminders – giving you time to focus on more impactful initatives.

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As the foundation of privacy management, our data mapping capabilities and connected features give you a birdseye view of what data you hold and how you use it. We help you identify high-risk processing activities and gaps, like lack of a clearly defined purpose, legal basis or retention policy.

Thanks to a simple user interface, involving stakeholders is a breeze, no matter their technical skills.

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Reduce risks for your business by dealing with breaches fast. We help you assess risk and impact, and guide you to document breaches properly. We also make it easy to determine whether it should be reported and to whom.

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Get access to an easy-to-understand and actionable overview of your data subject requests. Prioritize the right cases and decide the right actions easily.

Data Subject Request Management makes it easy to document and keep track of requests, identification status, due dates, responsible admins and more.

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You can identify and manage risk through a number of features.

- Identify gaps in your data mapping

- Visualize progress and prioritize efforts in the Risk Dashboard.

- Get a step-by-step guide through legal complexities in the DPIA feature

- Create and distribute your own questionnaires with Assessments, or pick one from our library of templates

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Always included

Custom Onboarding

Whether you are new to data mapping or have your data mapped elsewhere, we make sure you get started smoothly.

Guides and support

Get access to our comprehensive Support Portal featuring a library full of walkthroughs and help articles. Whenever you need a human touch, we’re always just an email away.

Unlimited Users

Involve as many stakeholders as needed without any additional fee. Provide granular, role-based access to ensure accountability and relevant focus.

Get your privacy program off the ground

You know what privacy management is, and know why you want to do it. But the “how” – actually getting everything together – is still a challenge. That’s where our privacy experts can help. From risk identification to a tailor-made action plan, we’ll get your privacy program moving at rocket speed.

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