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Software to help you live, and grow, with GDPR.

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DPOrganizer is a flexible and easy-to-use software to help you
map, visualize, report and manage your processing of personal data.

Available for both Data Controllers and Data Processors.

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DPOrganizer Eco System

The DPOrganizer Ecosystem

DPOrganizer supports businesses on three levels.

  1. Comply – For the person working with GDPR matters; the project manager or data protection officer
  2. Collaborate – For collaborating and automating your work within the organisation
  3. Communicate – For managing external relations, such as individuals, businesses and supervisory authorities
Data Subject Categories Process

Map your data processing with the help of intuitive wizards

The flow follows the GDPR logic; purpose and legal basis of processing, data processors and their instructions, data controllers and their responsibilities, storage, accessibility and retention time of personal data.

You can also begin by mapping existing business processes. With Processing Flows, you can define and identify how personal data is used in business processes.

Is your data already modelled elsewhere – in other systems or spreadsheets? We offer Implementation Services for businesses to get started quickly with DPOrganizer.

vendor manager communication

Automate your workflow with DP Manager

DP Manager is your best friend in making sure your mapping is up-to-date over time. Future reviews are scheduled and automatically initiated. Involve the right stakeholders, notify them by email, review updates and accept suggested changes.

DP Manager helps make the often complex work of GDPR much easier.

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Empower your relationships dporganizer

Manage your data processor relationships

With Vendor Manager, building relationships with your data processors becomes easy and on-going. Updated records about all your processors and sub-processors are neatly kept in one central place.

The dashboard keeps you in control and lets you see all your vendors, pending requests, and completed reviews.

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vendor manager communication

Mitigate risk and carry out DPIAs

Our DPIA functionality is designed to cover all the GDPR requirements of a DPIA. The step-by-step process provides a clear and intuitive workflow, that guides you through the legal complexities.

The result is a comprehensive DPIA that meets the legal requirements imposed by GDPR and that mitigates your organization’s exposure to risk.

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DP Report

Create custom designed reports in no-time

Create reports that are easy to understand, with relevant information on a level of detail chosen by you.

Perfect to give a management team or supervisory authorities if they come knocking on your door.


Visualize parties, databases and their relation to each other

DP Map is a useful world map which shows how your information interconnects. Get an overall view of your business, or zoom in on a specific part. Click on a party or a database and get instant access to information related to that entity.

Visually understand chains of responsibility, identify weaknesses and get detailed information on specific aspects without losing the bigger picture.

transparency widget desktop tablet

Be transparent to your customers with Transparency Widget

Transparency Widget allows your customers to see what personal data your business holds about them and how it is used – a proactive way to promote trust and respect.

Embed the widget on your website in a matter of minutes. By connecting your DPOrganizer account to your website, privacy questions can be answered and dealt with before they become concerns.


Map what is stored where, how is it accessible and to whom

DP Structure provides a technical deep-dive – an overview of how personal data is stored and made accessible. See in which databases personal data is stored, how it is accessible and to whom.

With a few clicks you can find important details, such as retention time or database ownership.

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Protect your business in case of data breaches

Do you have an efficient and structured process in place in case of a data breach? The Incident Manager will help you focus on the right questions and guide you through assessing risk and impact. And in case you have to report the breach to supervisory authority or individuals, you’ll have the relevant information right at your fingertips.

You will be able to act on incidents promptly and efficiently, minimizing the risk of financial or reputational losses for your business.

Risk magnifier
two computers syncing

Monitor and manage your risks

With DPOrganizer’s Risk Dashboard, you get a visual overview of the risk levels in your data processing. You will be able to better monitor and manage risk, and thereby prioritize your time accordingly.

Get an instant snapshot of where the risks in your data processing are high, the status of reviews, your DPIAs, the numbers of incidents and their risk levels.

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