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Welcome to a data protection management software – built by privacy professionals.

We are growing fast, and companies across the world appreciate the ease-of-use and intuitiveness of our tool. We offer an excellent alternative if you have grown tired of massive Excel sheets or complicated systems.

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Get a complete overview

The first step is to create a detailed mapping and overview of your processing of personal data. You will find an intuitive input process, where relevant questions and help sections guide you through the different stages.

The mapping follows the requirements of GDPR. We cover questions like purpose and legal basis of processing, data processors and their instructions, data controllers and their responsibilities, storage, accessibility and retention time of personal data.

Relevant documentation, such as privacy policies, processing agreements and privacy impact assessments, can be uploaded/linked to from our software.

Gather all your information in one place with DPOrganizer.

Report & Visualize

Three robust features provide ways in which to display your data. These are highly useful for internal use, such as presenting to a management team, a board of directors, for staff training or in case of inquiries from supervisory authorities.

  • Create extensive and custom-made reports with DP Report in PDF or Excel. Learn more about DP Report.
  • DP Map shows of a world map with easy-to-understand of how all your information is interconnected. A simple way to get a bird’s eye view of your overall business, or to zoom in on a specific part of it. Learn more about DP Map.
  • DP Structure provides a technical deep-dive, giving an overview of how personal data is stored and made accessible. With a few clicks you can find details about i.e. retention time and database ownership. Learn more about DP Structure.

Automate your work with DP Manager

DP Manager is the tool that supports your business in the long-term and makes sure your mapping is up-to-date and automated. With DP Manager, future reviews are scheduled and automatically initiated. It also simplifies how you involve stakeholders in different parts of the organisation. DP Manager helps a DPO make the complex work of adhering to GDPR, much easier.

Create and schedule reviews of your personal data processings, and assign them to those responsible in the organization. They will be notified by email and can perform the assigned review. After having reviewed and submitted their response, you can review the results and upload any accepted changes to the actual account.

DPOrganizer for Data Processors

DPOrganizer for Data Processors is created for your business in the capacity of a data processor. Of course packed with all features listed above. This tool is for any company that wants to facilitate sales and improve customer relationships, as well as reducing regulatory risk.

Map your processing activities by products/services you provide and how personal data is processed when providing them, who your customers are (individually or by category) and what products/services they use and who your sub-data processors are and what they do

Create reports for supervisory authorities to explain your processing and demonstrate accountability, and for prospects and customers to show in detail how you process their data.

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