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Ebooks, white papers, webinars and resources relating to GDPR,
data protection, privacy matters and DPOrganizer.

Free Webinar: How to Choose a GDPR Software as a Privacy Professional

Get spot-on advice on how to evaluate and purchase a GDPR Software.
We will talk about:

  • Factors to consider when evaluating if a software is right for you – and some of the things that are less important
  • Common difficulties when purchasing a software and how to overcome them
  • Demonstration of the main features in DPOrganizer’s SaaS solution

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Free Guide: GDPR for Schools

Learn more about what the education sector can do to be compliant to the GDPR.
This guide includes:

  • How to handle the specific data privacy challenges in the education sector
  • How to meet the regulatory demands and use the data in an effective and responsible manner
  • This guide comes with a checklist and toolkit!

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Free webinar: How to Organize an Efficient Data Protection Team

Learn how to organize internally and what impact on the success and efficiency you can expect from your efforts.
In this webinar, we discuss:

  • What is data protection governance and what are the benefits of doing it right?
  • Your team and how it needs to interact with other functions
  • How to get a healthy return on investment from your efforts

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Free Webinar: 5 steps to a successful data protection strategy

Get practical advice about the key elements of a long term efficient data protection strategy.
The webinar includes:

  • How well organised records of processing turns privacy professionals into privacy heroes
  • How to prepare for breaches and third party communication
  • How a firm transparency strategy helps you be compliant, future proof your business and save resources

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Free Guide: Data Breach Management

In this step-by-step guide we go through the most important aspects of how to be prepared for a data breach. The webinar includes:

  • How to act right and stay in control in case of a data breach
  • How to have a response plan ready to deal with data breaches in a structured way
  • Checklists are included!

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Free Webinar: A Practical Overview of Managing a Data Breach

Get practical advice and real-life examples about how to prepare for a data breach.
This webinar includes:

  • What are your legal obligations when it comes to personal data breach reporting?
  • How do you assess if you need to report a breach to a supervisory authority, and how do you do report it?
  • How can you protect your customers as well as your reputation after a breach?

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