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Ebooks, white papers, webinars and resources relating to GDPR,
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Free Guide: Accessing Return on your Data Privacy Investments

Learn more about the ROI on your data privacy efforts!
In this guide you get insights about:

  • Privacy’s growing role in corporate budgets
  • The advantages companies observe from their privacy efforts
  • Why continued investment in privacy tech will empower fully-functioning privacy programs

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Free Guide: GDPR for Schools

Learn more about what the education sector can do to be compliant to the GDPR.
This guide includes:

  • How to handle the specific data privacy challenges in the education sector
  • How to meet the regulatory demands and use the data in an effective and responsible manner
  • This guide comes with a checklist and toolkit!

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Free Guide: Data Breach Management

In this step-by-step guide we go through the most important aspects of how to be prepared for a data breach. The webinar includes:

  • How to act right and stay in control in case of a data breach
  • How to have a response plan ready to deal with data breaches in a structured way
  • Checklists are included!

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