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Free Guide: Privacy Management Today

GDPR is no longer an urgent deadline-driven project. There is plenty of time to investigate solutions that will work in your favour when it comes to data privacy. If you still use spreadsheets, think again about to  invest in a privacy management system and how it can generate business opportunities.... read more →

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Free Guide: GDPR for Schools

Working with data privacy within the education sector has its challenges. The sector holds and handles a large amount of personal information. It is vital that you meet the demands of the regulation in order to protect individual’s rights. At the same time you want to use the data in an... read more →

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Free Guide: Data Breach Management

Every year, millions of people are affected by data breaches. In order to help protect people’s personal information, organizations need to take measures to ensure that their data is secure. They also need to have a response plan ready to deal with data breaches in a structured, efficient way. How... read more →

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