Case Study: Leading Entertainment Software Publisher

How a leading entertainment software publisher began to
drive market differentiation and strengthen trust with their
customers with the help of a centralized compliance system.

“The DPOrganizer team helped our data leadership understand how our data relates to data subjects, controllers and processers. They want to help ensure that we use their product to gain the greatest benefit. I highly recommend DPOrganizer.”

– George, Director of Business Intelligence


About the Company

A premier developer and publisher of entertainment software, one of the most popular and well-respected makers of epic computer games.

Operates complex platforms with millions of subscribers and manages a wide variety of different personal data types across multiple businesses globally in conjunction with many business partners and data processors.

What has been your greatest GDPR challenge so far?

“In the 21st century, the new currency is not the Pound, Euro, Dollar, or Yuan. It is your data and how you use it, protect it and find ways to get your customers to give you access to even more of their data.

The DPOrganizer team helped our data leadership scope and understand how our data relates to data subjects, controllers, and processers, this is something they don’t have to do, but they want to help ensure that we use their product to gain the greatest benefit, I highly recommend DPOrganizer to meet your data privacy requirements.”

Why did you choose DPOrganizer? 

“Companies must provide the proper protection, processing, and transparency to customer and employee data. At our company, we take this very seriously. So, when it came to finding a solution to keep track of all of our data and its associated metadata, we thought we should build our own solution, since we are a high-tech firm. We had a team look at solutions in the marketplace so that we could rubber-stamp our “Make” decisions, which all of our senior leadership and board thought was the plan. That was until we found DPOrganizer.

They understand the laws and what organizations need to properly protect their customer’s data, but also to ensure any audit done by an outside source would be streamlined, minimal impact to the current business and provide the information that is required.”

What is your favourite feature? 

“When reviewing their product in detail, I always go back to the simple (from a user perspective) wizard approach that allows a company to build many multi-dimension (associations) to each data element. This will allow you to pivot your data (even stronger than Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables) to understand the relationship and possible gaps you might have within your organization.

The reports are outstanding. Every company has their own way of doing their business and/or ways to organize their data. So DPOrganizer provides us one tool that we can use in many different business areas within our company.”

entertainment software publisher

Type of personal data processed:

  • Employee data
  • Customer data

Favourite feature: