We believe data protection management can be made easier.

We believe data protection management can be easier.


Data protection is good for business, and the increased complexity and risks deriving from the changing regulatory landscape requires companies to improve their data protection practices.


DPOrganizer helps you map, visualize, report and manage your processing of personal data. A single platform to help you organise your data protection work, and involve all various stakeholder from throughout your organisation.


A web based software as a service available 24/7 with a yearly license.

Data Protection Management Software created by privacy professionals, for privacy professionals.

The story of DPOrganizer begins with our founder and CEO’s experience as a data protection lawyer and Data Protection Officer. Before DPOrganizer, privacy professionals have been struggling with keeping track of how personal data is processed in an organisation. Without a management system to support the work, it has been a challenge to create a mapping and to keep it updated, to find the right information quickly to deal with questions that arise, to visualize data flows and chains of responsibilities, and to produce reports that in a comprehensible manner explain the organisation’s data processing to internal and external parties. That is why we created DPOrganizer.

Our goal is to support Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officers in demonstrating accountability, ensuring compliance and at the same time simplify data protection management in practice, extending the capabilities of Chief Privacy Officers and Data Protection Officers to enable best use of available resources.

Improve control and compliance

Create a structured mapping on the level of detail necessary to fulfil GDPR documentation requirements and to identify challenges.

Reduce risk

Take control and demonstrate accountability to minimise regulatory risk, business risk, operational risk and strategic risk.

Increase efficiency

Spend less time on administration, and more on dealing with issues that arise and making the right choices.

Involve the right stakeholders

Involve company management, privacy professionals and the ones actually processing personal data for better data protection practices.


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