Oct 16

What’s New in DPOrganizer – October Edition

We’ve been releasing some exciting features over the last few months.

This month we have a big – and long awaited – feature launch:

Data Subject Request Management

Our new DSR management feature helps your organisation document and manage your data subject request.

All your information is connected in DPOrganizer. The DSR management feature is therefore powered by your purpose-built data inventory.

1. Powerful visualisations

You can find and visualise the underlying data, processing and other details you might need to successfully respond to a request.

2. All your data connected

Our data mapping has a strong focus on the data subject, and all data is interconnected in the account. The questions of how, why and when the data is processed become easy to understand.

3. Involve your colleagues

The features makes it easy to involve your colleagues. Keep track of previous and ongoing requests in the tool. Ask for input from those who have the information you need.

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