Feb 14
Your customers matter, so does their data

Top 5 reasons why everyone’s Valentine should be a privacy professional

This Valentines, it’s high time we recognise that special someone in your organisation. That’s right, it’s people like you, like your colleagues, (the privacy professionals in our lives). Why the sudden recognition you may ask?

Here are the top 5 reasons why everyone’s Valentine should be a privacy professional this year:

1) Privacy professionals are looking out for everyone (even when no one’s watching)

Whether it’s protecting individual rights, or mitigating organisational risks, they strive daily to balance both needs, and ensure responsible handling of personal data.

2) Privacy professionals understand the value of protecting personal data

Remember that saying “if you’re not paying, you’re paying with your data”? DPOs understand the immense risk attached to that phrase, and they believe individuals should regain power over data that concerns and identifies them specifically.

3) Privacy professionals do it all

Yes, it all. From collaborating with internal and external stakeholders, to complying with complex new regulations, to making it all work faster and simpler for their organisations, privacy professionals deserve an extra hug.

4) Privacy professionals are fighting to make data processing transparent

Privacy policies and their contents are infamously complex for the common user. Privacy professionals have arrived to bring transparency and responsibility to personal data processing. They make it easier for everyday users to understand the data companies possess on them.

5) Privacy professionals will help actual consumers shape the future of data processing

New technologies emerge at a pace that legislation can’t predict, and personal data will become increasingly entangled in advanced value-creating processes. By promoting transparency and awareness, privacy professionals empower consumers to have a voice in how their data will be used.

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