Mar 22

The Evidence is in – Privacy Gets Companies Ahead

As a privacy hero you’ve known it instinctively for a while now – privacy investments matter.

Yet, demonstrating the impact of privacy investments to internal stakeholders has been challenging.

Until now.

The ROI from privacy management

According to a recent privacy benchmark study by Cisco, firms can already see clear returns on their privacy investments. In fact, the study shows that these investments have laid the groundwork for sustainable competitive advantage as well.

Among the benefits of investment in GDPR-compliance and privacy, reports signal shorter sales cycles, and significantly less data breaches.

Beyond sales competitiveness and breach management, organisations gain other advantages too. Companies frequently mentioned benefiting from:

  • “Enabling agility and innovation from having appropriate controls”
  • “Gaining competitive advantage versus other organizations”
  • “Achieving operational efficiency from having data organized and catalogued”

See the full picture

Check out our complete analysis of Cisco’s study, and why it’s relevant for your organisation, in our recent report “Accessing Return on your Data Privacy Investments”.

In the report, we provide an in-depth overview of rising corporate privacy investments and the compelling value they drive in areas spanning, sales, data protection, consumer relations, and data governance.

Later, we look into why continued investment in privacy tech will empower fully-functioning privacy programs long-term.

Get the report below and discover the powerful evidence you need to lobby for increased organisational-wide focus on privacy matters.

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