Sep 04

The changing face of GDPR: What has happened after May 25?

With the ‘deadline of GDPR’ come and gone, the focus and dialogue of GDPR and privacy management has changed.

Many of the businesses and privacy professionals we interact with now face the question: What’s next?

Well, now is the time to incorporate GDPR in your everyday business.

Using spreadsheets to prepare your records of processing might have taken you across the finish line to be compliant for May 25th. But it won’t take you where you need to be.

The next step is to move your GDPR project into an operational state.

Noticing a shift in awareness and business needs, we want to talk about the next steps for your business – moving from viewing GDPR as a single project, to ensure a smooth integration of GDPR and compliance matters into your everyday work.

Our software has been built with the customer top of mind. Our latest features have been developed with privacy professionals at top of mind.

Please download our Whitepaper to read how you can work with GDPR in a sustainable way, and how DPOrganizer can support you all the way.

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