Data Mapping & Inventory

Build and model your data processing activities. Map data subject categories, business processes, assets, purposes, legal bases and third country transfers, and more – all via an intelligent, guided flow.

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Data Mapping is fundamental

Understanding your data processing is fundamental for achieving a sustainable privacy management program. When done right, data mapping can be an incredibly valuable asset. It’s crucial for both long term planning and dealing with daily matters, as well as fulfilling your record keeping obligations under data protection laws.

Your data mapping process should give you a bird’s-eye view on what data you hold, what it’s for, how it’s used, by whom, where it resides – and where it’s going. We help you identify high risk processing activities and gaps.

Begin confidently with intuitive wizards

Create a detailed mapping and overview of your processing of personal data, with a combination of data import functionality and intuitive wizards. The right structure and appropriate level of detail provided, ensures you clearly define details.

Evergreen inventory of processing activities

Data processing is constantly changing, and the challenge for many businesses is to find a way to keep their inventory current. With DPOrganizer, you can rest assured that you can create an evergreen inventory that is easy to keep up to date.

Involve the right stakeholders in your work, and ensure your mapping is continuously up to date. With all data interconnected, you can make changes and ensure it is mirrored correctly in your system.

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