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In appreciation of what our bigger competitors have done for the privacy management market, we are now making it easy for their customers to move to DPOrganizer! This offer is valid for those who cannot fully enjoy all the benefits of competitors’ unnecessarily comprehensive, complex and expensive solutions.

This way, dear competitors, you can focus on growing the accounts of your prioritized large enterprise customers, while we continue to focus on privacy management for the rest.

The switch to DPOrganizer
is quick and easy!

For a limited time, we offer full transition support to all businesses that want to move from their current privacy management software provider to DPOrganizer, at a fixed price! It includes migration of data, special training for all users, and setting the right plan for future success in our partnership with you, together with our customer success and professional services team.

Sounds expensive and time-consuming? It’s not! For most, it will be only 3500 EUR and we’re fast! Reach out to see if you qualify.

Thank you competitors!

For all the money spent
Thank you for all money spent on marketing to highlight the importance of a robust privacy program and the regulatory development these last 5 years. Great effort to open the market and educate businesses everywhere!

And thank you for all the amusing PR and fancy giveaways at industry events around the world! (we love to learn new things, such as that layoffs and champagne showers are compatible; they can happen at the same time apparently!)

For giving so many a valuable
reference point

Thank you for providing so many businesses with a reference point on how a privacy management software can work, how customer support can be provided, and how customers’ needs and challenges can be listened to.

For creating a platform for challengers
Thank you for ensuring that privacy professionals are now much more educated and experienced. About the easy and the hard, the good and the bad.

As a result, privacy professionals are now being very eager to listen to more niched challengers like us, and we are thrilled to see the spark in their eyes as they realize there’s a different future, just within their reach.

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So what is the alternative,
what is DPOrganizer?

DPOrganizer is the European challenger, founded in 2015, whose products and services are being used by thousands of privacy professionals from businesses and organizations all around the world.

Our founder is a data protection lawyer since 12 years and a former DPO, so privacy management really runs deep in our soul!

Egil Bergenlind, Founder DPOrganizer

Data Mapping

Privacy Program management


DPIA and Assessments

Incident & Breach Management

Reporting and Visualization

Third Party Risk Management

Requirements Tracker

Data Subject Requests

Risk Register

Transparency & Privacy Notice Management


G2 would tell you we do the fastest implementations, but our customers would tell you they choose us for other reasons too:


We really have reasonable prices.

Easy and intuitive

You don’t need certifications to use it, and you don’t need a specialist to configure it for you. Our customers are normally up and running within hours or days.

Our focus being privacy management

Privacy management is what we do, that’s where we are strong. If you want everything else then we might not be the right fit, but if you want something built for privacy management, we’re standing very tall.

Our onboarding, support and services

Onboarding and support is included for all users, always. Our customer success team will answer any questions or request quickly, and if you have legal questions or need help with challenging projects, our team of data protection experts are ready to step in.

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