Incident Manager

In case of a data breach or incident, our Incident Manager
guides you through collecting the right information to enable
you to correctly assess risk and impact. The efficient and
focused process will enable you to act promptly in accordance
with GDPR.

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Data breaches affect millions

Data breaches include the release of confidential, private or otherwise sensitive information into an unsecured environment. Every year, millions of people are affected by data breaches that can be the result of an innocent mistake or deliberate attacks. Either way, the consequences can be large financial and reputational losses.

Record, analyze and report breaches and incidents

According to GDPR, organisations need to record all breaches and incidents involving personal data. If there is a risk that the affected individuals suffer negative consequences, the data breach should be reported to a supervisory authority, and in case the risk for negative consequences for the individual is high, the individual should also be informed. The Incident Manager helps you record, and analyze any incident, so you can respond correctly and promptly.

Act fast and protect your business

The Incident Manager help you collect key information related to a data breach in a structured and efficient way. It prompts you for information that will help you to assess risk and impact to determine whether a breach should be reported and to whom. This way, you will always be able to deal with any incident fast and error-free, reducing the risks of financial or reputational loss for your business.

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