Oct 09
Privacy heroes need to step into the light

Privacy heroes need to step into the light

The digital data about us is ever-growing. The amount of data a company holds is a key measurement to determine whether it will remain relevant through the digital revolution.

Declining trust

In parallel, privacy concerns among consumers have grown. Research says that 94% of consumers are generally concerned about data privacy. The Cambridge Analytica-Facebook scandal is one reason behind the figure. Trust is also declining: according to PWC, 12% of consumers say they trust companies more than they did a year ago, while 69% of consumers believe companies are vulnerable to hacks and cyberattacks. Only 10% of consumers feel they have complete control over their personal information.

Evolution of data processing

The growing privacy concerns are a result of the evolution of data processing. Regulators are doing their best to create a level playing field, where data can continue to be used to grow the economy, but without violating the right to privacy. Businesses need to continue to come up with new ways of innovating using data, but they also need to make sure they respect rules. To succeed with this challenging task, a new hero must arise: the privacy hero.

The age of Privacy Heroes

Data Protection Officers, Chief Privacy Officers and Data Protection Managers might have different assignments and positions, but they all share a focus on data, security, privacy and regulation. A fundamental part of their job is to help businesses find the right balance, between business interests and the interests of data subjects.

The existence of these privacy professionals, or Privacy Heroes as they deserve to be called, is not new, but most have lived in the shadows. Now, they need to step into the light as the stakes continue to increase and as privacy takes centre stage as a main concern for most businesses.

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