Helping enterprise businesses with GDPR compliance

DPOrganizer enables companies in 18 countries on 4 continents to ensure compliance, minimize risk and demonstrate control when it comes to GDPR.

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Why choose DPOrganizer?

DPOrganizer is a flexible, scalable and highly secure software to help you map, visualize, report and manage your processing of personal data. Here are three reasons why DPOrganizer is the right tool for enterprises.

Save time and money

Automate and standardise your GDPR work and collaborate easily with every stakeholder within and outside your company. No matter how complex or large your business is, we provide an agile, responsive solution, even if you work with hundreds of suppliers or vendors.

Keep your data safe

Data security is our top priority. Our data is encrypted, secured with two-factor authentication and kept in data centers in the EU.  All data centers are tested and certified under ISO 27001 and ISO 14001.

Scalable solution

DPOrganizer allows expansion across departments to many hundreds of users and data controllers – we never restrict the number of users. Our SaaS platform scales  seamlessly and also provides modular additional functionality.

Effective collaboration, no matter your size

DPOrganizer is simple to use from day one, allowing you to get operational quickly. All relevant stakeholders can contribute with information and make necessary changes in order to render GDPR a living, breathing part of your business. We offer an Enterprise service-level agreement to ensure you are supported when working in DPOrganizer. Our software allows you to effectively contact and manage your suppliers, vendors and processors, instead of manually having to identify, manage and ensure the compliance and exposure of third party vendors.  No business is too complex or diverse for our solution – size doesn’t matter.

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We listen carefully to our customers’ needs

DPOrganizer is a trusted, specialised company focused solely on GDPR solutions, with customers all over the world. To date, thousands of companies, processors and controllers use our solution. We spend a lot of time talking to our customers to understand their regulatory requirements, safety concerns and practical day to day challenges, so we can rapidly help to solve them. We pride ourselves in being agile and invest heavily in making our solution the best it can be.

As our customer you will have access to an extensive support system. Our Customer Success Team is always ready to assist you. In our online Support Community, you will also find a range of articles about GDPR, in-depth information about the DPOrganizer software and a discussion forum. For simple onboarding and day to day usage, we also provide you with web-based training sessions.

Single Sign On (SSO)

DPOrganizer offers support for Single Sign On (SSO). DPOrganizer’s enables access control using your existing corporate user credentials. Microsoft Azure AD, SAML, Okta and Google Apps are some examples of supported identity providers.

SSO benefits

  • Saves time and money – Quicker and easier access to the application for your employees. Fewer tickets to your IT support due to fewer passwords to manage.
  • Minimizes risk – Remove bad password habits by using your own password policies.
  • Accelerates user adoption – Enables quicker roll out of the application in your organization.

Meet DPOrganizer

Watch Steve Badger, Regional Director at DPOrganizer, talk about the challenges and opportunities with GDPR.


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