Manage privacy training with ease

Building internal privacy awareness is tough. Not only do you have to get the right message to the right people; you have to make sure everyone understands how rules apply in practice.

With DPOrganizer’s E-learning feature, you take the guesswork out of privacy training. By letting us do the heavy-lifting on the tech side, you can focus on what you do best – building great privacy programs.

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A course builder that simplifies your life

Online learning is all about courses that are easy to use for both educators and students – so neither one will fall asleep or tune out. That’s why we’ve focused on making a course builder where you can build and send material and quizzes in a matter of minutes.

Detailed analytics for compliance and improvement

Once attendees have completed a course, you can learn who passed and who didn’t with 2 simple clicks in the app. You’ll also find a detailed breakdown of what they got right and what they didn’t, so you know what part of the material could use some clarification.

A video library to get you started

Don’t have material ready to share yet? No problem. To get you going in a matter of minutes, we’ve created some generally applicable video courses. They include:

– A 4-part general introduction to GDPR

– Dealing with Data Subject Requests

– Performing a DPIA

– Privacy and data protection for marketers

Try for free, for up to 100 participants

No time limit and no credit card required – send courses to up to 100 people, no strings attached. Clicking the button below and fill in your details, and you’ll be up and running in no time!

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