Making GDPR compliance easy
for the educational sector

Personal data is essential to educational institutions. We make it easy for you to comply, collaborate and communicate.

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DP Report

Ensure accountability

DP Report lets you create reports that are easy to understand, with relevant information on a level of detail chosen by you.

Perfect to give a management team or to supervisory authorities if they come knocking on your door.

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Easy and simple

An intuitive process will guide you along every step. It follows the GDPR requirements, purpose and legal basis of processing, data processors and their instructions, data controllers and their responsibilities, storage, accessibility and retention time of personal data.

Privacy policies, processing agreements and privacy impact assessments can be uploaded or linked to.

transparency widget desktop tablet

Be more transparent

Transparency Widget allows your data subjects to securely see what personal data your business holds about them and how it is used. Privacy questions can be answered and dealt with, before they become concerns.

A proactive way to promote trust and respect.

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