DPOrganizer Professional

High demands and complex realities require structure and control, clear ownership and easy collaboration.

DPOrganizer Professional offers you our full suite of solutions to your privacy management challenges, helping you achieve Sustainable Privacy Management.

Simplify privacy program management and put ongoing planning on autopilot by using Tasks. You can centralise planned activities and schedule execution with timely reminders – giving you time to focus on more impactful initatives.

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Data mapping, when done right, becomes an incredibly valuable asset in privacy management. Not only is it necessary to fulfill your record-keeping obligations, it is also crucial for both long term planning and dealing with daily matters.

Your data mapping should give you a bird’s-eye view on what data you hold and how it’s used, and it should be easy to involve all relevant stakeholders in the process.

We help you identify high-risk processing activities, and gaps such as lack of a clearly defined purpose, legal basis or retention policy, what it’s for, how it’s used and by whom.

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Reduce risks for your business by dealing with incidents fast. You can record, analyze and report breaches with the Incident Manager.

This tool helps you collect key information related to a data breach. It prompts you to input information that will help assess risk and impact to determine whether a breach should be reported and to whom.

This efficient and focused feature and process will enable you to act promptly.

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Get access to an easy-to-understand and actionable overview of your data subject requests. Prioritise the right cases and decide the right actions easily.

Data Subject Request Management makes it easy to document and keep track of various requests, identification status, due date, responsible persons internally and more.

You can also find and visualise the underlying data, processing and other details you need to successfully respond to a request.

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DPOrganizer enables you to identify, manage and visualise risk through a number of features. Gaps identification is built into our data mapping functionality, and in the Risk Dashboard, you can visualise your privacy program progress and prioritise your efforts.

Our DPIA functionality is designed to cover all the GDPR requirements. The step-by-step process provides a clear and intuitive workflow, which guides you through the legal complexities and makes it easy for you to understand the risks associated with processing.

You also get Assessment Light, enabling you to build and send custom forms to anyone.

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Make it possible for your customers to see what personal data your business holds about them and how it is used – a proactive way to promote trust and respect.

Save time and decrease costs in the long-term by offering a no-touch solution giving customers and other external, and internal, parties access to relevant details about how their data is used.

Transparency Widget allows for general privacy questions to be answered directly without having to be in actual contact with the individual. Questions can easily be dealt with before they become concerns.

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Get in control of your third party relationships. Manage and control risks related to your vendors and other external parties.

Identify gaps and high risk areas involving third parties. Our data mapping functionality in combination with Risk Dashboard, gives you actionable insights, enabling you to identify where e.g. processing instructions are missing, or a Data Processing Agreement is not yet in place.

Involve your data processors in keeping your data processing inventory up to date.You can automate third party risk reviews with Review Manager, and adapt the reviews based on risk and respondent maturity level as you see fit.

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Reporting and visualization functionalities bring out true value from all the information you hold.

Discover rapid, granular reporting with Report. Map offers a dynamic world map to zoom in, zoom out and visually understand relationships and chains of responsibility.

Use Structure to understand the technical aspects of the processing activities - where is data stored, how is it accessible and to whom. Visualisation is used to understand the data from a data subject perspective - perfect for dealing with questions, concerns or requests from data subject.

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Custom Onboarding

Whether you are new to data mapping or have your data mapped elsewhere, we make sure you get started smoothly.

Guides and support

Get access to our comprehensive Support Portal featuring a library full of walkthroughs and help articles. Whenever you need a human touch, we’re always just an email away.

Unlimited Users

Involve as many stakeholders as needed without any additional fee. Provide granular, role-based access to ensure accountability and relevant focus.

Personal Customer Success Contact

You get a personal contact in the Customer Success team. Feel secure in getting support and answers from one point of contact with DPorganizer.

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