DPOrganizer Essentials

Extending the capabilities of the small privacy team

DPOrganizer Essentials makes it easy to involve internal stakeholders in the work, and also to show status and progress to management and external stakeholders.

DPOrganizer Essentials includes what you need right now – no extra cost or complexity added.

Data mapping, when done right, becomes an incredibly valuable asset in privacy management. Not only is it necessary to fulfil your record keeping obligations, it is also crucial for both long term planning and dealing with daily matters.

Your data mapping should give you a bird’s-eye view on what data you hold and how it’s used, and it should be easy to involve all relevant stakeholders in the process.

We help you identify high risk processing activities, and gaps such as lack of a clearly defined purposes, legal basis or retention policy, what it’s for, how it’s used and by whom.

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Reporting and visualization functionalities bring out true value from all the information you hold.

Discover rapid, granular reporting with Report. Map offers a dynamic world map to zoom in, zoom out and visually understand relationships and chains of responsibility.

Use Structure to understand the technical aspects of the processing activities - where is data stored, how is it accessible and to whom. Visualisation is used to understand the data from a data subject perspective - perfect for dealing with questions, concerns or requests from data subject.

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Free User Onboarding

We offer free onboarding, whether you are new to data mapping or have your data mapped elsewhere. We make sure you get started smoothly.

Free Webinars & Online Support

To ensure ongoing support, you’ll have access to our comprehensive Support Portal. Access webinars, articles and online support when you need it.

Unlimited Number of Users

Your DPOrganizer account features unlimited users – involve as many in your organisation as needed. Provide granular, role-based access to ensure accountability and relevant focus.

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