Case Study: Polystar

How a global data processor working
with big data handles GDPR compliance.

Anna Parga is the Head of Legal at Polystar. She talked about her experience as a legal professional working in data protection, how Polystar has been preparing for GDPR and how DPOrganizer has helped them meet their data protection goals.

Tell us about Polystar.

Polystar enables Communications Service Providers to achieve excellence in Consumer Experience Management, Big Data Analytics, Service Assurance, Network Monitoring and high-performance testing.

Processing data on behalf of their clients is at the core to their business and being GDPR compliant is of the utmost importance. Polystar processes data for over 100 global clients and has offices in over 10 countries worldwide.

What are your GDPR challenges?

“GDPR and data protection affects almost all parts of our business. Our GDPR compliance project has been a very big undertaking that started over 2 years ago.

For Polystar, a data processor that handles large volumes of data, informing and communicating with our clients about our processing activities is very important to us.

In recent times, most of our customers have been requesting Data Processing Agreements, left, right and centre. Being able to confidently convey details about how we process their data is key to these discussions.”

How confident are you with the arrival of GDPR?

“Very confident. We are more than prepared for GDPR. Our team has been working very hard and I am pleased to say that we are on track with our compliance project.”

Why did you choose DPOrganizer?

“We are a data processor and we wanted a solution that would enable us to map and organize our processing activities for all our clients. We needed a software that adapts to our particular needs of large clients, large volumes of data, and with practical functionality that helps us stay on top of it all.”

Any favourite features?

“Yes, DP Report is clearly one of the most used features. We are able to quickly produce branded reports that we present internally and externally.

Overall with DPOrganizer, you get the big picture, very quickly, especially when your organization has many departments affected by GDPR and data protection. It has been very important for us to understand as a company all the ways data protection is involved in our day to day activities.”

Any recommendations for those starting their GDPR compliance project?

Make sure you have the right people. We were fortunate to have a person with the right mix of skills, who is able to link the technical aspects of the business with legal requirements that apply. Having the right people with the right tools is key.

Polystar logo
Customer Analytics Solutions

Number of Clients
100+ Communications Service Providers

10 global offices with HQ in Stockholm, Sweden

Type of personal data they process:
  • Big data
  • Consumer data
  • Consumer behaviours analytics
  • Favourite DPOrganizer features:
  • DPOrganizer for Data Processors
  • Map
  • Report