Case Study: GDM

An IT consultancy, helping their clients
understand GDPR and become compliant

We spoke to Tony Persson, IT and Security Manager at GDM. He is the GDPR project manager for GDM and he also advises other companies on matters of security and data protection.

Tell us about GDM.

GDM is an IT consultancy company with a focus on medium and large customers, and a global presence in over 40 countries. We help our customers create effective IT solutions. We do this by offering a wide range of products and services, Servicedesk, 24/7 operation, servers, storage and consultants for implementing IT solutions.

What are your GDPR challenges?

As an IT consultancy, our GDPR challenges have been on 2 fronts:  

  • Our internal compliance project, where we ensure that, as a company, we are compliant with all data protection laws; and
  • externally, where we assist our clients with their own GDPR compliance challenges.

Most of our clients come to us with particular issues and various data protection needs. Part of our challenge has been to educate our customers and reassure them so that expectations are met.

What is the level of GDPR knowledge of your clients?

I would say moderate. We receive queries from customers almost on a weekly basis. They are starting to realize that they have a lot of work to do, and that time is running out.

How do you help companies new to GDPR?

As I mentioned, the level of GDPR knowledge is moderate. We saw the need to organize educational seminars, usually 2-3 hours long so that our customers understand what GDPR is, what is required and how to ensure compliance by May 25. We also introduce them to various tools, including DPOrganizer, so they can get started with their mapping.  

Why did you choose DPOrganizer?

We realized early that we needed a tool to make our compliance project a success. We saw the functionalities available in DPOrganizer and the value of having all this functionality available in a single place. DPOrganizer is a great tool that helps us in the work towards GDPR compliance.

Any favourite features?

There are many features that we like, for example the easy way to create a DP Report is useful in many ways. The Transparency Widget is a feature that we are looking forward to implementing soon on our privacy and GDPR page. We will also recommend that our customers using DPOrganizer also use the Transparency Widget.

Any recommendations to anyone starting their GDPR compliance project?

GDPR seems simple at first, but as you get deeper in the process, you realize that it gets very complex. You will need tools and functions that Excel and other tools just can’t offer. We suggest that anyone starting out on GDPR seek a workshop, a consultant or anyone with a legal background that can make sense of it for you.

GDM logo
IT Consulting

Company Size
120-150 employees

Sundsvall, Sweden. (Presence in over 40 countries)

Type of personal data they manage:
  • Employee data
  • Customer data
  • Partners (vendors)
  • Favourite DPOrganizer features:
  • Transparency Widget
  • DP Map