Case Study: AcadeMedia

How Northern Europe’s largest education company
works with data protection while increasing transparency
towards their 160 000 students.

“DPOrganizer is the easiest IT-tool I’ve ever worked with. It’s exciting to work with a vendor who so clearly wants us to succeed.”

– Karin Jensen, Data Protection Officer at AcadeMedia


Tell us about AcadeMedia

“AcadeMedia is the largest education company in Northern Europe.

Our organisation consists of several divisions on several markets, and many schools and other entities come into contact with personal data in different ways. The organisation and technical infrastructure is rather complex.”

What has been your greatest GDPR challenge so far?

“We manage and process the records of over 65 000 students, 15 000 employees and 100 000 individuals in adult education programmes. Processing personal data is at the core of our business.

Our brand and reputation is important for us. With DPOrganizer, we can keep track of how all things fit together, and we can make sure we have the details pinned down on the right level of detail.”

Why did you choose DPOrganizer? 

“We chose DPOrganizer since we believe it is the system that could best manage our complexity, without over-complicating things.

The tool guides our mapping, visualizes our personal data processing and helps us check in with our own work. We get a receipt that we’re doing the right type of work.

It’s probably the easiest IT tool I’ve ever worked with, says Karin. It’s super simple, as long as you have a basic understanding of GDPR.

The team also listened to our ideas about increasing transparency with our students. We are excited about how our students will be able to find in-depth information about how we process their personal data.”

What is your favourite feature? 

“Transparency Widget! This feature helps us in being transparent towards individuals and students. It will also be a great tool for the data protection officer in the daily work.

We are very happy with DPOrganizer. The team has been supportive, knowledgeable and open in all contacts with us. We always get a quick and nice response.

Also, it’s exciting to work with a vendor that is so helpful and so clearly wants us to succeed. It is reassuring to know that they are only a phone call away.”

To check out how AcadeMedia are successfully working with data protection – visit their website here.

Watch Karin talk about how it is to use DPOrganizer

Academedia logo

Company Size
  • 15 000 employees
  • 65 000 students
  • 100 000 individuals in adult learning programmes
  • Locations
    Sweden, Norway, Germany

    Type of personal data processed
  • Employee data
  • Student profiles
  • Partners
  • Favourite feature
    Transparency Widget