Case Study: Market Force

How a customer-centric business empowers
employees and prioritizes privacy.

Market Force Information is a global business, offering a range of customer experience management solutions that empowers businesses to protect their brand, delight customers and make more money.

We talked to Neil Saddington, Director of Legal Compliance and Data Protection Officer at Market Force, who has nine years experience with the business and holds an LLM with a specialisation in data protection and information rights.

Why did you choose DPOrganizer?

“Primarily, we were looking for a way to record processing activities. Secondly, we wanted to understand what processors we were using. We needed answers to questions like: Where is our data going, and where are we sharing it?

We evaluated different platforms; DPOrganizer really stood out by how user-friendly it is. Some of the bigger platforms are great and we actually went with a bigger solution at first, but it didn’t work for us, it was just too complex.

We are a small to medium sized enterprise and as a company that is still growing and developing, we needed a tool that was straight-forward, flexible and clear.

There are some nice (Excel) templates out there, but I don’t think doing it that way would be efficient in the long run.

Market Force is predominantly a B2B business, but because of the nature of the work, we also have extended B2C relationships. So we handle all types of relationships.”

What are your thoughts on DPOrganizer?

“DPOrganizer truly is ‘legal design’ in practice. It ticks the boxes of legal compliance in a very simple way! You don’t see this with other platforms. GDPR can be overwhelming, but DPOrganizer makes that very easy.

My favourite feature is processing flows. It’s such a clear straightforward way of seeing where data goes, how and where it is used. It’s truly functional, useful and clean.

The reporting functionality has also been great – making us more efficient in communicating with clients. Before it could take a week to deliver a reports to clients, now it takes minutes.

This means we can offer information upfront and deliver answers within a day. And because we can respond to clients so quickly, I feel they have confidence in us. They can trust us.

Our employees have also noticed the difference and appreciate it.”

How do you engage your employees in privacy matters?

“I’ve been with company for nine years, so I have a very good understanding of how we operate as a business and what our data protection challenges are. For me to be an effective data protection officer, I need to understand the business and make GDPR relevant for everyone.

GDPR is not an easy piece of legislation to explain and we would never expect our employees to understand it all. If you want your company to demonstrate compliance and show that you’re taking your obligations seriously, you need to take it step by step.

We are still getting people used to the idea of the work that is needed. For instance, GDPR highlights the concept of accountability, and a DPIA is one of the easiest ways to demonstrate that. And so, we’re about to roll out trainings for processing flows and DPIA’s.”

What would you say to someone considering DPOrganizer?

“Definitely try it! DPOrganizer is so user-friendly. You just don’t see that in other platforms. I truly recommend it.

Although it is easy to use, it can be a bit overwhelming to try out a new software. Take it one step at a time.

DPOrganizer’s Customer Success team is so proactive. I don’t feel like I’ve just bought a software subscription – I’ve really met a team who wants to help. Everyone I’ve met and spoken with at DPOrganizer has been so engaging and friendly.”

Thank you Neil for sharing your experience with DPOrganizer!

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Favourite DPOrganizer features:

  • Processing flows
  • DP Report