Partner Case Study: Amesto

How a global company, dedicated to simplifying business, is using
DPOrganizer to help their clients get GDPR compliant.

We talked to Jimmy Högh Pedersen, Sales Director at Amesto Solutions, Sweden. He leads a team of account managers that assist hundreds of companies with their IT and software needs.

Tell us about Amesto.

Amesto Solutions is part of the Amesto Group, a Nordic company specializing in helping small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with all their software solution needs. In other words, we help a wide range of businesses by giving them the tools to simplify their work.

What are your GDPR challenges?

Currently, we are receiving many queries from companies seeking an IT-solution for their GDPR needs. Even though we are used to meeting our clients’ particular business needs, GDPR is a bit different. For many businesses, personal data management is quite new and they are not used to complying with European regulations. So we do invest a lot of our time educating our customers by creating newsletters, and hosting seminars and in-house training.

How much do your customers know about GDPR?

In my experience, there are very few companies that have not yet heard of GDPR. Many know what it is, but few know what to do. Many companies don’t know where to start or how it will affect their business.

Part of our role has been in helping our clients understand what they are expected to do and reassure them by telling them that GDPR compliance is possible.

Do you find that you are getting an increasing number of GDPR related queries?

Yes, we have about 600 customers in the Nordics and many are using CRM systems. I find it very interesting how CRM systems and GDPR nicely compliment each other. So companies that are using some sort of CRM system are the ones most concerned about GDPR.

We are also seeing an increase in new companies that are specifically looking for GDPR compliance software.

“Having DPOrganizer as one of the products we offer, has been a door-opener for us and has brought new energy to our sales team.”

How long have you been focusing on GDPR?

We started offering our clients a GDPR solution over a year ago. At first, we tried offering another data protection management software. Unfortunately, we quickly realized the limitations that this competitor had and, after looking at many options, we decided to go with DPOrganizer. We wanted the functionality, flexibility, and ease-of-use that our customers were looking for.

Going with DPOrganizer was the right decision as we are getting great feedback from our customers.

Do you think companies will be prepared by May 25?

I do hope that companies are prioritizing GDPR compliance. However, in my opinion, most companies will not make the May 25 deadline. Partly because many companies haven’t realized just how much data they have been collecting over the years.

We help them speed their efforts so that they get GDPR compliant as fast as possible. We normally tell our customers that DPOrganizer will save you a lot of time. Time that you could be spending on moving your compliance project forward.

Recommendations for anyone starting their GDPR compliance project?

Yes, before even looking at software solutions, the organization should first look at their own data. Companies can start today by looking at all the ways they store and process personal data. Not just in their own role, but in every part of the business. This is something that can be done today, without a budget, and that can help them down the road when they actually start mapping their data.

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IT Consulting and Solutions

Company Size

Global presence. HQ in Oslo, Norway.

Type of customers they support:

  • SMEs in the Nordics

Favourite DPOrganizer features:

  • Ease of Use
  • Customizable features