Feb 08
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Watch the webinar Managing a privacy program in a multinational environment

DPOrganizer and aosphere (Allen & Overy affiliate) recently launched a collaboration to empower privacy professionals in multinational organizations to improve their privacy programs.

See the webinar below to learn more about DPOrganizer and Rulefinder Data Privacy by aospehere, and how the two platforms and the integration between them can help you better keep track of an increasingly complex regulatory environment.

Rulefinder Data Privacy by aosphere

Rulefinder Data Privacy provides up-to-date and expert curated research about privacy laws, regulatory development and enforcement activity across 100+ jurisdictions.


DPOrganizer offers products and services to enable creating sustainable and effective privacy programs. Our easy-to-use platform helps you manage risk assessments, data mapping, incidents and DSRs, e-learning, compliance tracking and more.

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