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Life at DPOrganizer - Shouvik Roy

Life at DPOrganizer – Shouvik Roy

Shouvik’s had quite a journey at DPOrganizer, both literally and figuratively. He started as a consultant in India in 2017, left for something else in 2018 before rejoining again in 2020 and eventually moving to our HQ in Stockholm. We caught up to learn a bit about his experience at the company.

Hi Shouvik! You’ve worked on a lot of different features and projects since starting at DPOrganizer. Which is your favourite?

It’s really difficult to pick one because I like all of them. However, if I have to choose one, I would say it’s the possibility to map data from a processing activity point of view. 

Previously it was only possible to record data from a data subject category point of view. While that is a valid way to approach data mapping, some of our users found it difficult to work with. With the new changes, it becomes more intuitive and natural for our users to record how data is being processed for each processing activity.

Although we have built a lot of new features in the past year, data mapping remains the core of our product. Knowing what impact this had on both existing users and potential new ones made the work very fulfilling.

What would you say stands out most about working as a developer at DPOrganizer compared to your previous experiences?

Because we are a small and nimble team we can iterate and ship things quickly. This also means each of us have more ownership and responsibility for the work we do. We have to wear many hats and thus can have a broad understanding of the system. I also really like the close collaboration with cross-functional teams because it helps us understand the pain points of our users better.

Best memory at DPOrganizer?

It has to be this year’s summer kickoff, when we had some really fun teambuilding exercises and got to meet in person. Due to the current situation, I don’t get to physically meet my colleagues on a regular basis. It was really fun to be able to meet everyone and I hope that we can have more such occasions in the future. 

Enjoying some snacks and social games at the DPOrganizer summer kickoff

You moved to Sweden from India earlier this year – what are your thoughts on living here so far?

I absolutely love the way of life here. I have now experienced the Swedish summer and the winter, and feel both of them are beautiful in their own way. I know some people find the fall and winter a bit dark here, but I find it cozy and it makes it easy to focus on whatever I’m doing.

Also, the air is very nice and fresh!

Quick facts

Favourite movie?

The lord of the rings series 

Favourite food?

Biriyani – an Indian dish made with rice and meat. 

Favourite book?

Wings of fire – an autobiography of APJ Abdul Kalam – scientist and former president of India

Coffee or tea? 

Definitely coffee!

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