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Feb 01

What “technical and organisational measures” actually means

If you go through all of the 99 articles and the 173 recitals of the GDPR, you will read 89 times that you will need to have “appropriate technical and organisational measures” (or TOM’s) in place to ensure the security of the personal data that you process. Despite the constant... read more →
Jan 22
Jan 13
Jan 11
Dec 14
Dec 07
Dec 07
Dec 04

Why financial services are primed to easily build top-tier GDPR and privacy programs

In contrast to industries that are caught off-guard by GDPR compliance requirements, financial institutions are used to following regulations. By leveraging synergies with existing efforts, privacy management can be integrated into their compliance program quite easily. Here’s our top suggestions for how compliance experts can use existing work to create... read more →
Nov 27
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Acting on Brexit and Schrems II: How privacy pros can stay ahead in periods of uncertainty

There are two topics on the minds of European privacy pros that have nothing to do with the pandemic: Brexit and Schrems II. Despite their enormous impact on our work today, these challenges have no one-size-fits-all solution yet. That doesn’t mean you can’t get proactive to be better prepared... read more →