Sep 20
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Meet us at Nordic Legal Tech Day in Stockholm

On Thursday September 21, you will find us at Legal Tech Day in Stockholm.

More info here. Come talk to us!

Our founder and CEO, Egil Bergenlind, will also be presenting at 12.30.

Session name: How DPOrganizer Helps Businesses Get Ready for GDPR

The talk will focus on how data protection is becoming a core concern for businesses and organisations around the world – especially with the GDPR approaching rapidly.

During this session, we will demonstrate and explain how our Software as a service tool helps businesses prepare for and comply with the GDPR by mapping, visualizing, reporting on and managing their processing of personal data.

We also talk about how businesses can use GDPR to their advantage. How can a sales team use our tool to get a competitive advantage? How can a business increase customer satisfaction and shorten sales cycles ‘despite’ the requirements of GDPR?

Welcome! Hope to see you there.

Image credit: Legalworks.

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